Hi.  I’m Louise, founder of yogaskinny.  yogaskinny is a resource dedicated to giving you the skinny on yoga, self care & wellbeing as you embrace the middle years and beyond.

I have been practicing yoga for more years than I haven’t, which plants me firmly in the middle years, I’m also…

  • a permanent yoga student
  • part time yoga instructor
  • full time Mom
  • enthusiastic blogger

My blog, yogaskinny, incorporates down to earth & easy to understand content about…

  • yoga
  • health & wellbeing
  • self care
  • positive inspiration

I don’t personally fit into the yoga stereotype of young, thin and flexible so what you won’t find at yogaskinny are…

  • overly long articles full of undecipherable yogic jargon
  • pictures of athletic yogis twisted into pretzel poses
  • photos of food made from obscure and difficult to source grains
  • advertisements for yoga clothing made from mesh, noodle thin straps and wishful thinking 😉

Yoga is for everyone regardless of age, ability or mindset.  So, however many years young you are, I invite you to come on in and get the skinny.