Great Hand Made Gift Ideas for all the Yoga Loving Friends in your Life

Handmade gifts from Etsy
handmade yoga gifts for your yoga loving friends (Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash)

The holidays are a sneaking up on us already and its time to get going with those gift lists  but what do you give that yoga loving loved one in your life?  How about a little inspiration with these handmade gifts for yoga lovers.

Here are a few ideas from Etsy, the ultimate handmade gift resource, for beautifully crafted gifts that would compliment any yogi’s practice.

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Yoga Decluttering for Yoga Teachers & Instructors

Declutter and streamline your yoga class plans
Do your yoga class plans spark joy?

Do your yoga class plans spark joy?  Have you ever applied Marie Kondo’s decluttering method (the life changing magic of tidying up) to your yoga class planning?  As the evenings get longer and the weather cooler, take the opportunity to declutter and streamline your yoga teaching.

Downloadable PDF yoga class plans
Choose from 3 designs for your yoga class planner template

Midway through a recent office declutter I came across old bundles of yoga class plans on scraps of paper, index cards and spread throughout numerous notebooks.  It was time to transfer all of the elements of my class planning that ‘sparked joy’ and incorporate them in to the new, streamlined and organized yoga class plan system that I’d started to use.

Declutter Your Yoga Life

Out went…..

Yoga Magazines

Numerous yoga magazines from different publishers.  I tore out a handful of inspiring and teaching related articles that I wanted to keep.  And I also spent time gathering a stack of yoga imagery that I like to use for art journaling purposes.

I haven’t renewed any of my yoga magazine subscriptions since as I want to be more selective with my purchasing.  To be honest, I haven’t missed them.

Yoga Books

Not all of them but a handful.  I do have a great deal of yoga, anatomy & yoga philosophy books but I simply don’t read or refer to them any more.  I know which titles I constantly pick up and love and the more post it notes and pencil marks there are confirm their value to me.  If I haven’t felt compelled to underline or highlight anything then there is a good chance it isn’t the right yoga book for me.

As with magazines, I’ve reviewed my book buying habit and if I feel it’s a book I would really use and enjoy then the library or ebay will be my go to place.

Streamline Your Yoga Class Plans
Yoga class plan template
Downloadable PDF yoga class plan template

Yoga Class Plans

I came across a big, higgledy piggledy pile of papers notebooks and index cards.  I’ve used many different techniques for yoga class planning over the years.  I now know that working on individual sheets of paper with written notes & sketches is the technique that works best for me.  This inspired me to create my own yoga class planner which I now print as needed and file in one location.  It makes preparing for classes and working on sequences, themes and class types so much easier and organized.

With the paper clutter sorted, I moved on to other yoga related physical clutter.

Yoga class planner in use
Organized yoga class plans

Yoga Clothing

Ooh dear.  Way too many leggings!  Going through the yoga clothes was a quick project.  Washed out yoga leggings had lost shape and gained transparency in areas you wouldn’t want.   As for the gold embellished bootleg legging that had been worn only once, it was time to let go.  And for tops, I don’t have many but a couple of the baggier ones were removed – they don’t do well in inversions!

Yoga Props

My yoga space stores a set of basic props – home yoga mat (another lives in the car), 2 cork blocks, 2 straps, 1 bolster and 4 blankets (possibly too many but I had to invest in them for a restorative training).  I haven’t donated anything as I’ve repurposed the props I’ve replaced.

I’ve cut up an old yoga mat for various upcycling projects and a pair of old foam blocks make great homemade stamps for crafting!

Yoga Websites

I have subscribed to many yoga related websites across recent years.  Digital clutter is just as suffocating as physical so I’m spending time every day reviewing all yoga related email.  My intention is to receive email from yoga sites that I really love to read each time they post.  This decluttering exercise may take some time …..


Teaching Kids Yoga – While Keeping Your Sanity!

kids yoga, teaching kids yoga
That is the LAST time I teach kids yoga

Teaching kids yoga is one of the most challenging types of yoga classes a yoga instructor can teach.  Kids are unpredictable,  excitable and full of energy which can make for a totally different teaching experience.

As a teacher it is useful to be aware of this and be open to instant change or revision of a class structure.  When teaching kids yoga be sure to practice non attachment.  It is worth planning your classes with an open mind.  Regular adult classes need to be changed up and improvised on occasions but you will never know what to expect with a kids class!

Here are a few tips for teaching kids yoga while keeping your sanity!
  • Keep numbers small.  Go for 8 children absolute maximum unless you have some additional help. why?  Up to 8 is a more manageable number so teaching the group will be more cohesive.
  • Teach the class as a 4-6 week course avoiding school holidays (unless you are teaching a week long camp).  This gives you an opportunity to charge a discounted price for the commitment and parents will love you for it.  why? Also, keeping a short course length in this way will keep the content fresh and will be less exhausting for you as a teacher.
  • Keep the class length around the 45 minute mark.  This is a good length of time to fit in a warming up beginning, energized class sequence winding down to quiet time at the end. If you want to take the class to an hour incorporate a small post class snack, craft break or story time.  why?   For children, focusing fully on yoga for an hour could be challenging.


  • Learn, quickly, to read the room!  If you sense lots of energy start with energy burning stuff.   why?  You will not get them ‘centered’ at the beginning of class like an adult class.  Save the quiet time for when you’ve expelled some of the energy!
  • Plan your classes loosely.  Be prepared to change gear at a moment’s notice!
Inspire with yoga themed games
  • Keep the class moving by introducing games.
  • Speed yoga.  Move quickly through poses and sequences. Do some fast transitions eg. from childs – cat – dog and back.  Then try slowing down the transitioning through different poses.  Kids enjoy these kind of challenges particularly if there is balance involved!
  • Play the animal game and call out the animal to see who forms the pose first.
  • Try musical mats.  Have one less mat than kids and play music as the kids move from mat to mat as you instruct the yoga poses.  When the music stops the one without a mat leaves the circle.

Over all, when teaching kids yoga be open minded as it will definitely not go exactly to plan and don’t forget you own practice of yogic non attachment!

  • Team work.  Create two teams that play against each other using a stack of blocks as the currency.  As a team loses a round take away one of their blocks.  Winning teams win a sticker – there are some super cute yoga ones available on etsy.
  • Kids love to get acrobatic.  Try urdhva dhanurasana, forward rolls & balances progressing to inversions such as handstands and shoulder stands.
  • Games devised for partners work well particularly if you have shy kids included in the group.
  • Card games work well.  These brightly colored Yoga Pretzel cards are great for devising your own games or make use of their suggestions as they have some fun partner up ideas!
  • Yoga pretzels colorful cards
    Colorful yoga cards for kids yoga inspiration
  • Wind down with nesting.  If you’ve lots of blankets and blocks and you’re prepared for some clear up, allow your little yogis to create personal ‘nests’ for the wind down/savasana.  Lighten the music and work on big noisy breaths! and then as they quieten down cover up with blankets.  Some kids love a lavender eye pillow so if you have any of those, now is the time.
Include a short story at savasana time
  • Consider reading a short story or poem.  Go for something upbeat, amusing or inspiring.  It doesn’t have to be a yogic story but you might find inspiration from a classic book of short stories such as Aesops Fables or poetry from Where The Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein
  • It’s also worth allowing a few minutes at the end of class after you have an opportunity to chat to your mini students and create a sense of community before pick up time.

Over all, when teaching kids yoga be open minded as it will definitely not go exactly to plan.  Don’t forget you own practice of yogic non attachment!  With this you will ensure an enjoyable, and yet exhausting, experience!!


Please know that I am an affiliate and may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you click through to purchase any items included in this post 🙂













Seven Reasons Why Lavender is a Yoga Teacher’s Best Friend

Lavender stems in a jar
Photo by Heather Schwartz on Unsplash

If you have ever invested in essential oils then there is a very good chance that you have some lavender oil in your possession.   Lavender is one of the most popular and useful essential oils available.  Easy to find for a reasonable price and with a range of benefits from tackling stress to burn relief.

As a yoga teacher, there are many ways you can incorporate the benefits of lavender in to your teaching and personal practice.  Add one of these products to your yoga bag and discover why lavender is a yoga teacher’s best friend.

1 Essential Oil

In its purest form lavender essential oil has many applications.  Simply inhaling the scent direct from its little glass bottle relieves stress, calms the mind, stabilizes mood and supports restful sleep.

It’s a really useful oil to travel with for these reasons and as an added bonus is a great relief for sunburn discomfort.  All of the essential oil manufacturers will have lavender available in their ranges. I’m by no means an aromatherapy expert but oil brands I have used, and like, include Tisserand, DoTerra and Aura Cacia.  However, there are many other reputable brands to choose from.

2 Lavender Eye Pillow

I use these in my own practice all of the time and have taught at yoga studios where eye pillows during savasana have proved very popular with students!  They are also useful for general relaxation, headache relief and to help with sleep.

lavender eye pillow
Linen eye pillow with lavender & organic flax

Add one of these products to your yoga bag and discover why lavender is a yoga teacher’s best friend.

3. Lavender Candle

Light a candle at the end of class to accompany your guided meditation.  The flame and lavender scent will keep the mood focused and quiet.  Also a perfect addition to your yoga altar at home or, when in a small travel tin, a great item to take along on your business trips and vacations.

lavender candles
Lavender candles

4 Lavender Yoga Mat Cleaner

If your choice of yoga class is a fast moving vinyasa with lots of heat and sweat then I can definitely recommend investing in some lavender mat spray.  Whether you purchase a ready made spray or make your own this is a great way to freshen and sanitize your mat.

lavender mint cleaner
Clean and refresh your yoga mat with a lavender cleaner

5 Lavender Tea

What better than a calming cup of tea after class?  Pick up a lavender tea with chamomile too and you have the perfect soothing drink for your evening wind down.

tin of lavender tea
A calming chamomile lavender tea

Why not double the fun with a dedicated lavender design mug?

handcrafted tea mug with lavender
Pretty handmade lavender tea mug

Lavender is one of the most popular and useful essential oils available.

6 Lavender Massage Oil

This is a useful product to invest in if you incorporate gentle massage in to your classes.  Rub in to your hands before you assist with student’s blankets and bolsters in restorative poses  and allow the scent to soothe as class prepares for savasana.

lavender massage oil
lavender massage oil

7 Lavender Gifts

Lavender themed gifts are great to share with your students, fellow teachers and friends.  You could choose any of the above products or look at some of the other lavender goodies you could gift such as lip balms, linen fresheners,  handmade soaps & lavender sachets for closets and drawers.

lavender lip balm
lavender lip balm

Handmade lavender soap and balm
Handmade lavender soap and balm

And, of course, don’t forget to accompany your gift with a handcrafted card.  See our own range of yoga themed notecards!

yoga themed notecards
Handcrafted yoga notecards

Please know that I am an ‘affiliate’ which means that I make a small commission if any products featured here are purchased via this website.  I am an affiliate for Amazon and as an Etsy shop owner,  I am an affiliate in support of Etsy’s crafting community.

Lavender flowers on lavender background
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Create Your Own Yoga Journal

embellish your notebook to make a yoga journal
Create your own unique yoga journal

There are many benefits to writing a journal and keeping a dedicated yoga journal, whether you are a beginning yoga practitioner or yoga teacher, can be a useful and inspiring practice.

Creativity and yoga are two well documented ways of encouraging relaxation and stress release as a antidote to the hectic and demanding lifestyles we lead.

Incorporating creativity into your life has several positive health effects and journaling fits in well as a creative activity to compliment your self care routine.  However, starting a journal and maintaining a journaling practice can be challenging.

Nothing makes journaling more overwhelming than a blank page!

We all live busy lives but when we do carve out time to journal it is easy to become precious when committing pen to paper.  Nothing makes a journaling practice more overwhelming than a blank page!

Create Your Own Personal Yoga Journal

So, here is a quick, easy and achievable way to loose up the creative process and ease the writer’s block situation.

This is what you’ll need –

  • Notebook – lined, blank or squared – not important which
  • Magazines – If you have magazines from that yoga subscription you struggle to keep up grab a bunch of those.  Otherwise any health, travel or womens interest magazines would be good options
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • optional – additional notepaper, lined or blank
  • optional – key card or credit card

……and that’s it

Embellish your yoga journal

Most of these things you will have at home or can easily pick up cheaply from a dollar store, craft supplier or stationers (or raid the kids craft box 😉

Notebook, scissors, glue, magazines
Basic tools required for this project…

Go through your magazines selecting images you love, quotes and words that inspire or colors, textures and patterns that you are drawn to

Then, grab your scissors and start cutting.

Create yourself a big pile of cuttings


magazine cutouts for your collaged yoga journal
Pile up your cuttings and get to work arranging them on your journal pages

Start arranging your cuttings into a collage across the pages of your journal.  If you have blank pages you might like to incorporate some lined areas  by gluing in lined paper cut to size.  (Or, vice versa, blank sketch paper areas into a lined book – not critical!)

collaged yoga journal pages
Work from the edges in leaving space to fill later


Work around the edges of your notebook pages leaving blocks of space where you can jot notes, journal, doodle and sketch later.

Trim and glue down firmly.  (This is where a credit card comes in handy to paste the images down without wrinkles)


downloaded practice tracker for your yoga journal
Download this free yoga and meditation practice tracker

Download our yogaskinny practice tracker here for free.  It can be scaled to fit your journal or you can slice it into separate weeks to journal on a week by week basis




Other inspiration and ideas………

Downloadable yoga tracker
downloadable yoga & meditation tracker – download and use week to week

avoid the blank page writers block by decorating the pages
Embellish the pages of your yoga journal

yoga journal page spread
yoga & meditation notes – embellished journal page

Here is an example of how to fill areas of the page with inspirational images and words and incorporate a simple practice tracker.

Just tracking your asana and meditation practice can provide a great start point for your journaling.


Combining imagery and text is a great way of embellishing page layouts.  Remember to leave gaps and ‘white space’ for your scribbles and doodles.  If you like to bullet journal you can also incorporate your bujo practice on to a collaged page.

If you don’t see images that inspire opt for words, phrases and snippets of text instead.  These are plentiful in magazines and arranging words and phrases also provides an inspirational springboard for your journaling.

This is a very quick, inexpensive and satisfying way of incorporating more creativity in to your life and self care routine.  It is also a great way of inspiring you on your yoga journaling path without the need for time consuming preparation or investment.

You’ll probably find that once you start collaging pages you will become immersed in the process and will have a handful of completed pages to start your journaling habit.

As your habit of writing evolves you may find you want to incorporate more decorative techniques to embellish your journal.  Stamps? Paints? Ephemera?  A quick search on Pinterest and Youtube will take you to many inspiring journal making blogs and videos.  Start with a search for ‘junk journals’ and see where it takes you.

Alternatively, take a look at Etsy for some creative, ready to go, handmade journals for your yoga practice.  Yogaskinnystudio stocks a range of adaptable, disc bound journals that are perfect for yoga retreats, festival visits and workshop weekends.