Hand Made Gift Ideas for the Yogi in Your Life

wrapped Christmas gift
…is it a yoga block? (Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash)

The holidays are a sneaking up on us already and its time to get going with those gift lists  but what do you give that yoga loving loved one in your life?  How about a little inspiration with these handmade gifts for yoga lovers.

Here are a few ideas from Etsy, the ultimate handmade gift resource, for beautifully crafted gifts that would compliment any yogi’s practice.

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7 Reasons Why I’m Happy to be a Middle Aged Yogi….

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7 reasons I’m happy to be a middle aged yogi

As a middle aged yogi there are many yoga trends I’m happy to let pass me by.  Here is a list of 7 of them…

  • Any yoga class that has been heated to a temperature worthy of an industrial laundry.  My own body creates that heat spontaneously so why would I consider turning up the temperature…..on purpose?

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7 Tips for Practicing Yoga When You Just Can’t Be Asana’d


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Practicing Yoga When You Can’t Be Asana’d

We’ve all done it.  Made those excuses about attending class or doing our home practice – weather’s too hot/wet/cold (delete as appropriate), the to do list is too long to spare any time, the kids lego collection needs organizing or whatever other random reason you can come up with to avoid practice.

We all have busy lives and countless pulls on our time and energy but practicing yoga, for whatever amount of time you can, has sooo many benefits.  If you’re really not feeling it, focus on breathing for just a moment.  A single breath might become one minute which might become five which might turn into ten.

Here are seven short and sweet tips for keeping your yoga going on those days when you’re really can’t be asana’d

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Journaling-Self Care with Pen & Paper


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The Benefits of Daily Journaling


Remember when you were in 4th grade and you kept a diary full of your deepest, darkest secrets?  A detailed description of what you ate for dinner mostly, before tucking the book away from prying eyes, but keeping a diary is also a way of noting down and addressing our own innermost thoughts and feelings.  

As an adult there are many great benefits to journaling as part of a self care routine.  In the ancient yogic textbook, Patanjali’s – The Yoga Sutras, the term ‘svadhyaya’ is described as self study – the idea of studying ourselves as a means of self discovery.  By journaling and documenting our thoughts we are participating in a process of deeper personal understanding which can have a very positive impact on our own health.

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Yoga & Meditation and its Positive Effect on Brain Health

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The Positive Affect of Yoga & Meditation on the brain

We already know that as we age we will be exposed to, and may experience, many diseases which impact us physically such as arthritis and cancer.  But just as importantly we need to consider our brain health.  Recent studies about yoga and brain health have shown that the practice of yoga and meditation can have a positive affect on our mental wellbeing with each Birthday.

Yoga and brain health

In recent years various neuroscientists have studied the benefits of yoga and meditation on the brain and the positive affects of the practice.  Through recent research, I discovered that some studies have shown that yoga and meditation is thought to have an effect on the physical make up of the brain.

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