Yoga Mind & Body

Yoga Mind & Body is a great book if you are interested in yoga and would like to learn a little more about the subject in an easily understandable way.

This is one of the first Yoga books I ever owned and I often refer back to it.

Despite the image on the front cover.  There is another more up to date copy which also shows an advanced pose on the cover but please don’t let it put you off!  This is a book for all levels of student offering something for beginners and advanced yogis alike.  As well as covering many poses there are also brief sections that describe some of the other aspects of yoga such as yogic breathing, relaxation, meditation and the origins of yoga.  There is also a section of recipes (all vegetarian) and some interesting nutritional information, again, small

Published by the Dorling Kindersley publishing house, more commonly known as DK, they have a reputation for publishing high quality, educational books and this one is no exception.


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