Brighten Up Your Yoga Practice with Colorful Props

we need props in our practice.  why not colorful ones
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Spring is coming and the flowers are blooming. Time to brighten up your yoga practice with a bunch of colorful yoga props. What better way of inspiring your practice than a vibrant new accessory.

Take a look at these jewel bright goodies with useful links to creative ideas for making use of each and every one of your props.

Yoga Mat

You’ve got to have a yoga mat for a good grippy surface to support your downward dogs.

Also a rolled mat is super useful in many ways. Take a peak at this article with examples of how to use a rolled up mat as a prop.

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Great for bringing the floor to your hands in a number of the standing poses.

Yoga Journal explores some creative uses for your blocks here

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Why shouldn’t your strap be a fun color instead of beige? A boon to any yoga with tight shoulders and a great shoulderstand assist to stop the elbows splaying.

For a small prop, a strap has a bunch of uses. Take a look at Yoga International’s inspired uses 

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Support the knees, relax the spine, open the collarbones. A bolster is a great prop for relaxation and resting poses. Don’t forget about the challenging poses though. A bolster under the torso to assist the lift in chaturanga dandasana is a great help. Give it a try!

If you haven’t invested in a bolster yet then the time has come! Just look at these dreamy restorative poses

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Make the most of your props to enhance and support your yoga practice


Woollen, thick blankets have a number of uses in our practice not least of all, keeping us warm in savasana.

Try using the folded blankets wedged beneath the thighs for support in baddha konasana.

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Lavender Eye Pillow

Obviously dreamy in savasana.

Great for relaxation, meditation and headache relief.

Take a look at the many benefits of lavender 

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Yoga Towel

Very useful if you’re a hot yoga type of yogi.

Also doubles up as a coverup in savasana or neck support if lightly rolled. Extend the edge of the towel over your eyes if you’ve forgotten your eye pillow!

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Yoga Bag

Although not strictly a prop, this is still a great accessory. A funky, bright yoga tote for class that easily fits your mat, towel and water bottle. A little zipped internal pocket is perfect for keys & cards.

This soft fabric tote can roll up super flat and would make a great sightseeing bag or beach holdall too for your yoga retreat travels. Available in a bunch of great colors, too

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Embrace Spring and brighten up your yoga practice!


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