Create Your Own Yoga Journal

embellish your notebook to make a yoga journal
Create your own unique yoga journal

There are many benefits to writing a journal and keeping a dedicated yoga journal, whether you are a beginning yoga practitioner or yoga teacher, can be a useful and inspiring practice.

Creativity and yoga are two well documented ways of encouraging relaxation and stress release as a antidote to the hectic and demanding lifestyles we lead.

Incorporating creativity into your life has several positive health effects and journaling fits in well as a creative activity to compliment your self care routine.  However, starting a journal and maintaining a journaling practice can be challenging.

Nothing makes journaling more overwhelming than a blank page!

We all live busy lives but when we do carve out time to journal it is easy to become precious when committing pen to paper.  Nothing makes a journaling practice more overwhelming than a blank page!

Create Your Own Personal Yoga Journal

So, here is a quick, easy and achievable way to loose up the creative process and ease the writer’s block situation.

This is what you’ll need –

  • Notebook – lined, blank or squared – not important which
  • Magazines – If you have magazines from that yoga subscription you struggle to keep up grab a bunch of those.  Otherwise any health, travel or womens interest magazines would be good options
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • optional – additional notepaper, lined or blank
  • optional – key card or credit card

……and that’s it

Embellish your yoga journal

Most of these things you will have at home or can easily pick up cheaply from a dollar store, craft supplier or stationers (or raid the kids craft box 😉

Notebook, scissors, glue, magazines
Basic tools required for this project…

Go through your magazines selecting images you love, quotes and words that inspire or colors, textures and patterns that you are drawn to

Then, grab your scissors and start cutting.

Create yourself a big pile of cuttings


magazine cutouts for your collaged yoga journal
Pile up your cuttings and get to work arranging them on your journal pages

Start arranging your cuttings into a collage across the pages of your journal.  If you have blank pages you might like to incorporate some lined areas  by gluing in lined paper cut to size.  (Or, vice versa, blank sketch paper areas into a lined book – not critical!)

collaged yoga journal pages
Work from the edges in leaving space to fill later


Work around the edges of your notebook pages leaving blocks of space where you can jot notes, journal, doodle and sketch later.

Trim and glue down firmly.  (This is where a credit card comes in handy to paste the images down without wrinkles)


downloaded practice tracker for your yoga journal
Download this free yoga and meditation practice tracker

Download our yogaskinny practice tracker here for free.  It can be scaled to fit your journal or you can slice it into separate weeks to journal on a week by week basis




Other inspiration and ideas………

Downloadable yoga tracker
downloadable yoga & meditation tracker – download and use week to week
avoid the blank page writers block by decorating the pages
Embellish the pages of your yoga journal
yoga journal page spread
yoga & meditation notes – embellished journal page

Here is an example of how to fill areas of the page with inspirational images and words and incorporate a simple practice tracker.

Just tracking your asana and meditation practice can provide a great start point for your journaling.


Combining imagery and text is a great way of embellishing page layouts.  Remember to leave gaps and ‘white space’ for your scribbles and doodles.  If you like to bullet journal you can also incorporate your bujo practice on to a collaged page.

If you don’t see images that inspire opt for words, phrases and snippets of text instead.  These are plentiful in magazines and arranging words and phrases also provides an inspirational springboard for your journaling.

This is a very quick, inexpensive and satisfying way of incorporating more creativity in to your life and self care routine.  It is also a great way of inspiring you on your yoga journaling path without the need for time consuming preparation or investment.

You’ll probably find that once you start collaging pages you will become immersed in the process and will have a handful of completed pages to start your journaling habit.

As your habit of writing evolves you may find you want to incorporate more decorative techniques to embellish your journal.  Stamps? Paints? Ephemera?  A quick search on Pinterest and Youtube will take you to many inspiring journal making blogs and videos.  Start with a search for ‘junk journals’ and see where it takes you.

Alternatively, take a look at Etsy for some creative, ready to go, handmade journals for your yoga practice.  Yogaskinnystudio stocks a range of adaptable, disc bound journals that are perfect for yoga retreats, festival visits and workshop weekends.