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A yoga teacher training (YTT) is one of the most valuable, life enriching things you can experience.

As a yoga teacher trainee you will evolve your practice and nurture curiosity & self inquiry.  You will find yourself letting go of things that no longer serve you. Old patterns of behavior that stifle you will become obvious and start to unstick.

A big promise, right?  A lot of life changing claims going on there. But if there is one discipline that will move you to make fundamental changes in your life then yoga is it.

Journal using a dedicated YTT journal page

If you are enrolled on a200 hours training you will find that much of the curriculum is there to ready you for leading a class in a teaching capacity.

Knowledge of poses, alignment principles and safe sequencing are all vital skills to learn but there is so much more to the YTT experience.

Any good 200hour teacher training will include elements of the yoga sutras & philosophical aspects of the practice, breath work & meditation alongside physical asana training.

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Do your research and find the best fit for you. Get to know the teachers and curriculum involved. Choose the right training as YTT’s are a big financial investment. Here is a great pre-teacher training checklist to take a peek at!

As you work through asana you will be introduced to different philosophical themes prompting discussions with your fellow yogis. This will influence your understanding, teaching and day to day ‘living’ your yoga. 

You come to realize that it’s not all about what happens on the mat.  It’s what you take from your mat into your daily interactions, habits and lifestyle that are the essence of yoga.

As you embark upon your yoga teacher training journey consider creating a personal journal to document your thoughts.

Many students choose to enroll in teacher trainings not to teach but simply to enrich their own practice. Studying for personal development has tremendous value in breaking through personal obstacles, both mental and physical.  Being surrounded by like minded people in a learning environment is both enriching and inspiring.  

A training can be overwhelming when there is so much to read, study and absorb. One of the most valuable things you can do for yourself during a training is to journal. Use a dedicated YTT journal page to document emotions, transitions and those ‘aha’ moments. 

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There is so much to read, study and absorb during a training but a journal doesn’t have to be an elaborate effort. Just a few sentences or bullet points to explore your own thoughts and experiences has great value.

Even journaling your thoughts weekly or on the first and last day of a weekend training will give you insight about your journey.  Nothing elaborate or long winded, just a few sentences or bullet points to explore your own thoughts and experiences.  You’ll find it to be a useful and inspiring exercise.

What changes do you observe between each journal entry? Even journaling your thoughts once a week can be enlightening if the prospect of daily journaling feels too overwhelming.

Print off your FREE YTT journal page and incorporate it into your yoga teacher training folder. 

Once you are in the journaling habit you’ll discover what a worthwhile and useful practice it is and continue beyond training.  Regular journal writing will be a valuable self care tool to compliment your yoga and meditation practice.

If you prefer, find yourself a dedicated notebook for your journaling or spark your creativity by making your own dedicated yoga notebook .

How has a journaling practice supported your yoga?

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