Creating a Yoga Blog – What I Learnt Along the Way

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There are plenty of useful, quality blogs out there helping and advising on how to start your own blog. These are some of the things I’ve learned while creating a yoga blog.

Over time I’ve learnt that building a blog can be time consuming and challenging but also inspiring, motivating and fulfilling.

However, I’ve had moments of wanting to say goodbye to blogging but after lots of effort and trial and error I’ve found the winning formula for me. Take a look at this little list of things to consider when you’re building your yoga blog.

Yoga Blogging – What I Learnt Along the Way

– Keep It Simple

For me, this is key. Start simply and in time build. Yes, there are countless great features you can incorporate in to a blog. Do you need them all? Probably not. Do you want them all? Probably not.

If you start simple then there is a good chance you will continue with your efforts and maintain a blogging habit.

If you are considering a yoga themed blog, there is a good chance you are already teaching or studying to teach. Combine that with your own practice, work, home and family commitments and you may not have too many hours to dedicate to writing.

Start simple. See what topics you enjoy sharing and blog from there. Take a look at my yoga blogger Pinterest board for some great user friendly ‘start your blog’ articles.

By keeping it simple you avoid the overwhelm. After all, as a yogi, teacher trainee or yoga teacher, you will want to spend time practicing and studying yoga.

– Practice Non Attachment & Let your Blog Evolve

My own blog has evolved a couple of times since I started. Initially it was a blog to cover all things yoga – FAR too broad.

Then it changed to focus on those new to yoga and in middle age – but for me, too restrictive.

Then it became the blog it is today combining yoga & creativity. My two favorite things to do in one blog 🙂

It took a while to get here, but now it’s here it’s working.

– Be Time Realistic

Be realistic about the time you can dedicate to blogging. We all have busy lives and spending several hours a day blogging is unrealistic.

If you have an hour or two a week to spare then start there. Create realistic goals and deadlines. Post useful, quality content once a month if that is what your time realistically allows. Which takes me on to the next point…

– Create Useful Content that you Enjoy Writing

Work toward providing value and entertainment while creating community. Inspirational and helpful content that informs and solve problems goes a long way.

There are many great yoga blogs already out there but work on content that you really enjoy researching and sharing. Be sure to find your own unique niche or focus and allow your own individual personality to shine through when creating your yoga blog.

Avoid getting caught up in being everything to everyone when you’re creating your yoga blog. Covering all the bases is far too expansive a project brief and a lot of work.

I started blogging and was way too keen to cover every facet of yoga. Yoga is a BIG subject. Focusing in on a niche you enjoy is the way move forward.

Start your blog - tips to keep it simple
Start simple. See what topics you enjoy sharing and blog from there.

– Limit Social Media

If you are an expert in different social media then this point may not apply. I, however, am no expert!

I found that when I was trying to cover multiple platforms I was making a real hash of it. Spreading time so thinly across several platforms was no fun, time consuming and, in the end, not helpful.

You have many social media options to choose from. I decided to limit mine to the two I enjoyed and understood the most. Pinterest and Instagram were my chosen two and I focus on those alone.

In Summary….

I learnt a great deal over a long period of time creating my yoga blog. Looking back though, I wasted far too much of my time in the early days trying to learn about and incorporate every possible blog widget available.

The reality is, just starting and producing useful content for readers that you enjoy writing and sharing is the foundation of a great blog. You will learn about and pick up all of the other features as you go along.

Avoid getting bogged down analyzing what you think you should be incorporating into a blog and start creating the content that is important to you. The results will be true to your vision which, in turn, will ensure authenticity – an important part of maintaining a successful blog.

Evolve over time at your own pace adding to it gradually as you discover what aspects of blogging interest and inspire you.

If it becomes a chore, your blog will stall. So start simple and evolve from there.

How was your start to blogging? Smooth sailing or a bumpy ride?

8 thoughts on “Creating a Yoga Blog – What I Learnt Along the Way”

  1. Thanks for the advice, girlfriend! I am in the very beginning baby stages of starting up my first blog ever (woo!) and it can start to feel pretty daunting at times. It’s so nice to read that it’s ok to progress at your own pace! I’ll definitely be reading your blog in the future! 🙂

    1. It all starts with the first step and all steps, no matter how big or small, will get you to your destination! I wish you well with your blog – enjoy it!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this. What a helpful post!
    I’m about a year into blogging (although I have been far from consistent with it) and started out thinking I would write a lifestyle blog but now it’s ended up being much more about yoga and providing helpful tips for other people. It’s definitely helped me to keep it simple too.

    1. Hi Camilla

      I’m so glad that you found this post useful! and I love the energy of your blog – the free materials you’re sharing are really unique and inspiring!
      I’ve completed your survey and will be keeping up with your blog 🙂



  3. Loved these tips!
    I absolutely agree we can wear ourselves thin if we try to be present everywhere. My blog brings me more joy than social media so I spend the majority of my time on the blog.
    Hugs from Cami

    1. Hi Cami – yes! it’s so important to prioritize our time. We can do lots of things adequately or a couple of things really well! Good luck with your blog 🙂

  4. I’m definitely bookmarking this article! I’ve been blogging now for 1.5 years and it’s going up and down. Your tip to practice more non-attachment really struck me!
    Thank you for your tips and tricks.

    1. I’m so happy that this blog inspired you. Yes, a little non attachment is a big help. Keep going with your blog if you enjoy it! It’s so important to share and connect in these challenging times

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