Handknitted Winter Accessories for Cozy Yogis

hand knitted accessories
Photo credit tyler nix on unsplash

Colder days and even colder nights are here. How’s a yogi supposed to stay cozy and warm to and from class? Take a look at these lovely handmade Etsy goodies for keeping cozy yogis toasty for your studio visit and beyond!


Fingerless gloves

Cozy hand knit fingerless cloves

Don’t forget to cozy up your hands with these warm cable knit fingerless gloves. Add some style to your journey to class.

Wooly hat

Girl wearing cozy knitted hat with pom pom

Remember how your Mom told you that you lose all your heat through your head?! One of these scrumptious knitted hats will keep you stylishly warm and keep Mom happy too!

Snug legwarmers

knitted cable leg warmers

With your yoga leggings being cropped how do you keep those exposed ankles warm? Wearing a pair of supersoft leg warmers will help cozy yogis transition from the chilly outdoors to a warm yoga studio.

Cozy cowl

knitted cowl with 2 buttons

What better than a cozy, handmade cowl to keep your neck warm on your yoga commute? Sure to cuten up any yoga outfit.

Toasty headband

blue and cream hand knitted ear warmers

With your yoga ready ponytail comes exposed little ears. Protect yourself from the Winter elements with this fun, knitted headband.

Keep Cozy with Handcrafted Accessories

Snuggly blanket  

girl reading book on comfy chunky knit blanket

Keeping you cozy for an extended savasana or draped over your shoulders for a seated meditation. Super chunky and warm, this blanket will take you from yoga practice to stylish sofa throw in a heartbeat.

Chunky knit scarf

chunky knit scarf from etsy

We all need one of these scarves in our lives! A super, chunky knit to make Winter days warmer.

Soft infinity scarf

A delicate infinity scarf to snuggle in to. Not a knitted one but a crocheted one – a different craft but still a gotta have accessory!


Please know that I am an ‘affiliate’ which means that I make a small commission if any products featured here are purchased via this website. As an Etsy shop owner myself,  I’m supporting and promoting Etsy’s talented crafting community.

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