Crafted Yoga Flash Cards

Using items from around the house and my craft materials stash I spent a happy day immersed in creating a fun flash card swatch of yoga poses.

Things you will need for these crafted yoga flash cards….(alternatives are shown in brackets – no need to do shopping ūüôā

materials needed for yoga pose tag
  • Tags (index cards, journaling cards, playing cards, tags cut from cereal packaging/craft paper/trimmed greeting cards )
  • Magazines I used a copy of yoga journal that was hanging around. (yoga or health magazine/ women’s magazine/brochures & catalogues)
  • Book pages I used pages of text from a vintage yoga book that I already use in collage & card making projects. (You may have a book that you plan to donate that you could use for this purpose or copy pages from a book if you have access to a printer and can’t bare the thought of cutting up books)
  • Colorful papers (craft paper, wrapping paper, product packaging, magazines)
  • Mark making color I used acrylic paint but this could be any mark making product – markers, kids paint sets, crayons. Be creative and, if you have kids, be sure to raid their supplies ūüėČ
  • Tape I used washi tapes I had on hand (sticky tape, gift packaging tape or glue on colored paper scraps)
  • Threads (ribbon, yarn, string, packaging twine)

Other tools and materials you’ll need are scissors, stapler, glue stick & hole punch. A ribbon or hinged binding ring will work well to hold your finished tags together.

So now…. the fun part. How to make…..

Tear magazine images you like and small hand torn scraps of papers and glue randomly on to the tag. Leave some of the tag background visible.

glue collage pieces yoga pose tag

Add your yoga pose illustration and pose name.

mixed media paint yoga pose tag

Take 2-3 colors and spread messily over the torn papers leaving some of the text & images visible.

half moon pose yoga pose tag

To finish staple a jumbled thread or ribbon close to the pose name and use small strips of tape on the top and bottom edge of the pose illustration.

Repeat with your own creative mix of colors & materials for your next pose.

selection of yoga pose flash cards in mixed media

If this has inspired you try these other creative projects all with a yoga twist

  • Get creative with your yoga practice or teaching. Explore new poses and sequences or read about yoga in more depth. Reorganizing your yoga materials and books is a great way to find inspiration!
  • If your creative passion lies with writing then consider starting a blog. Starting a blog is easy and offers an opportunity for you to share your skills and knowledge.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Get creative.

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