Sari Silk Ribbon Bookmark – Handmade Gift for a Book Lover

handmade sari silk ribbon bookmark instructions

How about some craft time creating this simple sari silk ribbon bookmark? A perfect handmade gift for your favorite bookworm.

make a sari silk ribbon bookmark

This is a super easy make using sari ribbon and a handful of beads, charms & embroidery thread. Spend some time crafting these beautiful bookmarks for your own collection or as a gift for that special book reading or journaling friend.

Where to start….

Craft supplies for sari silk bookmark
  • Selection of beads. These were all spare beads from various other jewelry craft projects I have done. Try breaking up old dress jewelry you no longer like or from thrift store finds. Etsy has some great bead suppliers too. Try this Etsy store for a wide variety including Tibetan beads and charms.
  • Cellphone lanyard. These were a lucky thrift store find for me but you can also buy them online and on Etsy. Take a look here
  • Embroidery thread. Again, these were already in my sewing stash but you can find them very inexpensively at Michaels, Joanns and online at Etsy & Amazon
  • Small, flat charms. You ‘ll need to choose slender and flat charms as these may sit inside your book pages so you don’t want too much bulk. Try here for a large selection.
  • A pair of scissors. Glue or clear nail varnish (optional)

How to make your own sari silk ribbon bookmark

Cellphone charm loop with beads on

Thread your beads on to the cellphone lanyard loop. Be sure to leave a wide enough loop for your sari silk ribbons.

make a sari silk ribbon bookmark

Cut three sari ribbon lengths, group together and thread through the end of the lanyard loop. I mixed my colors but you could always stick to one.

Use ribbon lengths of 10-12 inches remembering that the finished silk tassel will be half of that length. The beaded cellphone lanyard loop will add an extra 2 inches to the tassel length.

For this bookmark I used three 10 inch lengths of ribbon to create a 5 inch sari silk ribbon tassel.

Sari silk ribbons secured with embroidery thread

Use embroidery thread to wind around the ribbons and tie in a double knot. You can secure your knot with a small dot of glue or some clear nail varnish if you choose. Trim the ends of the thread.

Looping through embroidery thread for a handmade bookmark

Thread a folded length of embroidery thread through the loop on your cellphone lanyard and feed the two tail ends back through to secure.

This bookmark would also make a great embellishment for a journal or sketchbook.

The embroidery thread is the part of the bookmark that will slide between the book pages so cut the length accordingly. For this project I kept the embroidery thread 5 inches long – the same as the tassel.

Pull tight and finish with your tiny charm. Knotting securely in to place.

And there you have your finished sari silk ribbon bookmark. Ready to go either on its own or tucked in to that new book you want to gift!

This bookmark would also make a great embellishment for a journal or sketchbook.

Three handmade sari silk ribbons

Sari silk ribbon bookmarks like this one are also available at our sister Etsy store, maycontainpaper, if you prefer to purchase!

Please know that I am an affiliate for Etsy and Amazon which means that I may receive a small commission from any purchase you make via my blog but at no extra cost to you ­čÖé

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