Secondhand Yoga with #secondhandseptember

secondhand yoga.  What can you do as a yogi to support the #secondhandseptember movement?

September is the month to stop buying new and try out secondhand. Check it out on Instagram – #secondhandseptember

So how can you embrace the challenge as a yogi. What can you do to embrace secondhand this month? Nobody needs more stuff and you will be helping the planet too!

  • First off. Don’t buy it whatever it is you’ve seen whether it be the cute yoga pants or the top of the range yoga mat that’s on sale. Take a breath, walk away and forget .
  • Do you really need yet another pair of yoga pants? Take a rummage through your closet. Declutter as you go and then you may discover that great pair of pants that you’d long forgotten about.
  • Get yourself to a thrift store or charity shop. I’ve found three branded yoga tops in thrift stores that I wear regularly. All of them lightly used but still in great condition and just a few dollars each (win-win!)
  • Try online secondhand markets for yoga clothes on Thredup or eBay.

Look out for secondhand before you commit to brand new.

  • I’ve always found that yoga is similar to camping. Meaning, newbies are raring to go and in their enthusiasm they buy every conceivable product available. When they realize yoga, or camping, is not for them they’re left with a pile of barely used stuff. Expensive mats, blocks, bolsters and meditation cushions are all redundant. Take a look at eBay and Craigslist to see what barely used (and sometimes never used) yoga props are available on the secondhand market.
  • The same applies to books. If you love to buy yoga books then go to the secondhand markets of Amazon and eBay. I can’t remember the last time I paid full price for a yoga book. Yoga teacher trainees buy a bunch of classic textbooks for trainings but may not go on to teach or study in more depth. Look out for secondhand before you commit to brand new.
  • If you are a yogi with lots of stuff then have a declutter session and try swapping out with other yogis.
  • If your yoga studio has a notice board it may be worth pinning a card to sell or donate those excess things you own.

So, take the challenge. Save money and reuse the stuff you have or give a second life to something secondhand. Save resources, rescue stuff from landfill and help to save our suffering planet.

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