Yoga Chant Music Artists you Need to Know

Yoga chant music artists

Whether you use music in your yoga classes or not, there are some yoga chant music artists you need to know!

You might need energizing tracks for a flow class or a meditative background sound for savasana or restorative classes. Whatever classes you are planning, the music of these inspiring chant artists covers all the bases.

Yoga chant music consists of sanskrit phrases which are used in repetition to music. The repetition of these sacred phrases have positive health benefits particularly for the mind and, therefore, our wellbeing

Take a look and see which artists are missing from your music collection. Explore, find something new and let the music inspire your personal practice and teaching.

Deva Premal & Miten

The voice of Deva Premal is one of the warmest and most meditative you’ll find. She has the kind of voice that could be reciting my shopping list and it would still sound divine.

She works and performs with her musician and singer partner, Miten. I’ve played many of their meditative tracks for class wind down and they are perfect for savasana and home relaxation.

My favorite track is Om Namo Bhagavate which features on the album Embrace . I love everything she produces.

They tour often so take a look and see dates for their next tour. Sample her music here

Krishna Das

The king of kirtan. Kirtan is the form of music known as ‘call and response’. The artist sings a phrase which is then repeated by the audience. A kind of spiritual karaoke!

Yoga chant music consists of sanskrit phrases which are used in repetition to music.

Krishna Das (or KD as he is often referred) is a well established and popular artist who tours regularly. It is well worth attending a concert or workshop with this iconic artist. (look here for upcoming events)

His music range includes tracks that start slowly and gradually pick up pace. This is ideal for a yoga class starting with warm ups and building up to faster flow. There are also many tracks that are slower and more meditative – perfect for savasana or home relaxation.

Take a look and a listen here

Snatam Kaur

Another female artist with the same kind of rich sound and repertoire as Deva Premal. She has recorded a huge amount of tracks that are ideal for savasana, restorative yoga classes and background calm!

You can browse through her work here


I love this husband and wife duet. I was very lucky to listen to their beautiful music first hand, by chance, on a yoga training where they performed live during savasana. They have a very special sound and are well worth a listen in.

My favorite track is Purnamadah. An enchanting, calming track ideal for savasana or relaxation. It originally featured on the Love Window album. Well worth a listen.

Explore, find something new and see how music can help inspire your yoga practice and teaching.


Wah! is an established artist who has a more ‘pop’ feel to her music. One of her classic albums is savasana whose opening track is perfect for, you guessed it, savasana. Also, check out all of her faster tracks that are useful for energizing vinyasa classes.

Take a listen here.

Explore these wonderful chant artists and find yourself some inspiring music – for class, meditation, practice or life generally! You won’t regret it.