Shop Small & Handmade – Gift Ideas for Yogis

photo credit joanna kosinska on unsplash

Now that we approach the end of a very difficult 2020 it seems that our holidays this year will be a little different this year

Everyone has had a tough time in 2020 and one of those groups really affected by lockdowns are the small, local businesses. Online shopping has become their way to keep going. So with that in mind let’s shop small with unique independent makers and crafters.

Check out these great gift ideas either for yourself (happy holidays to me!) or your favorite yoga and self care fan.

Macrame Rainbow Essential Oil Diffuser

photo by stick and thread

How fun is this? A little handmade rainbow essential oil diffuser for your home or your car. Just a few drops of oil added to the bead and hang wherever you like. It has to be on show somewhere as it’s too cute to hide away!

Organic Meditation Cushion Set

photo renoolife

How beautiful is this? Love the meditation cushions but double love the color. If this doesn’t inspire you to sit quietly for a moment of meditation or mindfulness then what will?!!

Wooden Tea Box with Glass Lid

photo the bamboo leaf

A critical part of any self care day is a hot cup of herbal tea. We’ve all got oodles of these little tea envelopes with the tea cups. Why not give them some extra special storage to make each drink a treat!

Organic Hemp Yoga Mat

photo khusiinc

100% Handmade. Natural. Biodegradable. What better gift could you give. Ticking all the boxed for a sustainable product to be loved forever!

Yoga Tote Bag

photo buddhigear

Cross body shoulder Bag. Great for yoga, great for groceries, great for travel. Who doesn’t need foldaway, reusable bag for using again and again and again. In fact, it’s a life essential!

Essential Oil Rack

photo superfinepine

We’ve all got at least five or six essential oils haven’t we? Whether for our diffuser or body care how useful is this dinky essential oil rack? (fits 15ml bottles, by the way )

Wooden Yoga Blocks

photo burmanwoodcraft

For the dedicated yogi in your life – especially the Iyengar fans. These solid wooden blocks are perfect for supporting poses and bringing the floor to you when you can’t make it to the floor. These firm blocks are also perfectly shaped for super easy wrapping!

Mini Yoga Artwork

photo maycontainpaper

Minature artwork to grace a yogi’s altar. These little canvases come with their own little easel for easy display in your yoga and meditation space. These artworks are from yogaskinny’s sister etsy site, maycontainpaper.

Embroidered Meditation Shawl

photo thestitchbarnstore

They say that having a dedicated meditation shawl is a way of absorbing all of the good energy from your meditation practice. What a wonderful concept! Keep cozy and warm during meditation or even use as your post yoga cover up. This beautiful, drapey wrap can be personalized with elegant embroidery for that extra special touch

Handbound Plant Dyed Hemp Journal

photo katagolda

This organic plant dyed journal is handbound contains 92 pages of unlined paper for all of your journaling thoughts, ideas and notes. Available in a bunch of gorgeous colors. I think I’ll have the orange….no, the turquoise…, the red………..eeek. I want all of them!

Lavender Eye Pillow

Photo fieldhousetextile

Everyone needs a little down time and everyone needs a lavender eye pillow. These unique eye pillows are filled with rice, dried lavender and lavender essential oil in a a naturally dyed case. The perfect accompaniment to a relaxing savasana.

Make this year’s holidays a little more special by committing to shop small and support small businesses. Let’s look for a positive from 2020 and maybe we’ll all just convert to the idea of ‘shop small’ going forward. How good would that be? ūüôā

Please know that I am an etsy affiliate which means that I may earn a small commission from any gifts you purchase via yogaskinny.

Handmade & Unusual Holiday Gifts for Yogis

List of handmade & unusual gifts for yogis
photo credit markus spiske unsplash

There is something about a handmade gift that is extra special. Unique, thoughtful and creative gifts are always winners. With Christmas holidays fast approaching check out these handmade & unusual gifts for yogis.

Whether you are a crafter yourself or you just love to support crafting communities, this selection of gifts are perfect for your yoga loving friend or family member.

Colorful Yoga Straps

colorful yoga strap used in a forward fold
photo credit ReneeSoulie on Etsy

Why does a yoga strap need to be one color? These straps in funky color combos are strong and functional and sure to brighten any yogi’s practice and yoga space! Take a look at all of the wonderful colors.

Funky Upcycled Yoga Skirts

Upcycled yoga skirt
photo credit mojowear on Etsy

Yogi’s love easy to wear and comfortable yoga clothes. Check out this Etsy crafter who makes these wonderful skirts – perfect for layering over yoga leggings on the way to and from class.

There is something about a handmade gift that is extra special. Check out these handmade & unusual gifts for yogis

Handcrafted Wooden Yoga Blocks

Pile of handmade yoga blocks & props
photo credit burmanwoodcraft on Etsy

Popular with the Iyengar yoga community, the wooden block is a yoga practice must have. These blocks are available in the standard size along with other sizes for every yogic application. Made from reclaimed lumber, these beautifully crafted props are a gift to the environment too.

Super Roomy Yoga Tote Bags

Open tote bag containing yoga mat and towel
photo credit LoveMyMat on Etsy

Roomy and full of useful pockets and zippers for all the class essentials. Phone, keys, wallet, towel and yoga mat all fit in this soft, reversible oversized tote bag. Fabrics are sourced from items such as tablecloths and curtains and upcycled in to these unique bags. Win – Win!!

Upcycled Braided Baskets

handmade, braided basket
photo credit Sewvasana on Etsy

These colorful, hand woven baskets are perfect for storing a yoga strap, eye pillow and incense in a yogi’s yoga space. Made from the leftover fabric scraps from other projects. How awesome is that?!

Sari Silk Bookmarks

three sari silk bookmarks in an open book
Make your own sari silk bookmark gifts

And if you are a crafter yourself, these beautiful sari silk bookmarks are a quick craft I like to make and give myself.

Easy to create using sari silk, thread and upcycled beads this is a unique gift for any avid yoga reader! For details on how to make your own, check out yogaskinny’s sister website maycontainpaper here.

All of these gift ideas are perfect for the dedicated yogi on your gift list and all crafted from upcycled materials too.

Please know that, as a member of the Etsy crafting community myself, I am an Etsy affiliate and will make a small commission from any purchase you make via yogaskinny.