Meditation Cushions to Complement your Home

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Meditation cushions are not essential for a meditation practice but having a specific seat will motivate you and create consistency.

We don’t all have the space for a dedicated yoga room but what if your meditation cushion could become an integral part of your home? Not an extra prop to have to find a home for but something that could be on display and used daily (for other uses as well as meditating!)

With many of us spending more time at home and maybe working from home we’re creating the interior spaces we need for aesthetic and practical reasons. Why shouldn’t our yoga props and equipment have more than one function?

Take a look at these varied options and see how you can incorporate your meditation cushion in to your interior space.

big scatter cushions for meditation

I love these big floor cushions. Ideal for a comfortable meditation session but also, if you have more than one, they make for a cosy living area. Available in a bunch of lovely colors too!

Don’t you just love these pompom adorned cushions to add a little fun to your minimalist room setting. Meditation cushions with a little bit of extra fun.

Not all meditation cushions need to be fabric. Add a little comfortable wicker to your room . Bigger sizes work as the perfect little perch for afternoon tea!

Why shouldn’t our meditation cushions have more than one function?

meditation cushions

Add some color to your room with oversized, comfortable square cushions to lounge over or perch for some meditation time.

meditation cushions

A neutral combo for a neutral room. Good for those who love a neutral, calming palette but are comfort driven all the way.

meditation cushions

A little bit of pattern to mix it up. Meditation cushion or foot rest? Or maybe your family pet will take it as a comfy nap spot?

Why should your cushion for meditating not be multi functional and multi purpose? Maybe create yourself a little travel altar too to set up your meditation space in an instant!

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Yoga Study Tracker for Yoga Teachers & Trainees

As committed yoga teachers and yoga teachers in training, we will continually invest time in nurturing our learning through yoga trainings, workshops and study. It is important to continue on a learning path and to track our yoga studies.

A critical part of yoga teaching success is the ability to maintain humility and keep the mindset of a yoga student.  Even when we are labeled as the teacher and stand at the front of the yoga room we are still the student.

This is why I developed the Yoga Study Tracker as a way of documenting, logging and keeping track of your study and teaching hours. 

An important document to track your yoga study & teaching for your yoga teaching career

During the course of your yoga career, you will have the opportunity to study and practice with many different teachers from different yoga disciplines. As your teaching and personal practice evolves, so will the areas of practice you are drawn to studying in more depth. 

A study tracker, like your yoga teaching mission statement, is an important document. This is the document that you will constantly update and revise as your learning and teaching career progresses.

You may wish to track continued education unit (CEU) hours for your Yoga Alliance membership. Or, you may want to keep track of your studies and time & financial commitment to your yoga career.

A simple way of keeping track of all of the trainings, workshops, online studies and retreats in which you invest your time, money and energy.

Yoga study comes in many forms. Not just face to face learning but online learning options that are now available to us. It’s so easy to forget or overlook learning experiences that influence our yoga practice and teaching. 

I created this study tracker as a simple way of to log all of the trainings, workshops, online studies and retreats in which you invest your time, money and energy.

It allows you to keep track of your study hours and distinguish those hours that are yoga alliance eligible.

The study tracker allows you to keep track of those that are yoga alliance eligible

It is also a very useful document to refer to when updating your resume and bios. Or for use on your blog or website.  

The study tracker is also a very useful resource for personal information you will need if you are leading workshops and trainings yourself.

The study tracker is a two page document.  The first page details your study and training hours.  The second page is a breakdown of your own teaching hours & yoga related memberships & subscriptions.

Make your study tracker a part of your yoga teaching folder and file with your certificates, mission statement and class plans.

Take a look for yourself on my etsy store, yogaskinnystudio, and get your instantly downloadable study tracker.  A permanent and super useful record of all of your yoga hard work!

(please note – the names of yoga studios and teachers used in the example are fictional! 🙂

7 Tips for Practicing Yoga When You Just Can’t Be Asana’d


practicing yoga lazy yogi motivated yoga practice
Practicing Yoga When You Can’t Be Asana’d

We’ve all done it.  Made those excuses about attending class or doing our home practice – weather’s too hot/wet/cold (delete as appropriate), the to do list is too long to spare any time, the kids lego collection needs organizing or whatever other random reason you can come up with to avoid practice.

We all have busy lives and countless pulls on our time and energy but practicing yoga, for whatever amount of time you can, has sooo many benefits.  If you’re really not feeling it, focus on breathing for just a moment.  A single breath might become one minute which might become five which might turn into ten.

Here are seven short and sweet tips for keeping your yoga going on those days when you’re really can’t be asana’d

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