Ten 10 Minute Screen Free Self Care Activities

3 Practice Yoga. An obvious one. Roll out the mat. Get on the mat and stay there for ten minutes. Holding a couple of poses or working quickly through a range of poses vinyasa style. Your choice. Just ten minutes will make a difference.

‘I’m very grateful for technology but I have to admit I’m beginning to get screen weary’

4 Practice Meditation. Whether on the mat, the bed or the balcony. Sit quietly, observe breath, observe thoughts, let them pass and go back to the breath. Stillness, quiet and gentle focus. Why not track your yoga and meditation practice. Print out the FREE practice tracker available here in yogaskinny’s ‘yoga freebies’.

5 Write a note or a card. Send ‘hello’ greetings to a friend or family member during these strange social distancing times we live in. Express gratitude to one of the many frontline workers in health, food and delivery services. Take a look at these beautifully handcrafted cards from my talented friend’s Etsy store, ‘cardsinstock’

Etsy’s ‘cardsinstock’ – handmade cards including dedicated thank you cards for frontline workers

6 Journal – with words. Write your thoughts in a notebook or journal. (you could also adapt yogaskinny’s ‘free journal page‘ as a daily journal). If you struggle with the idea of writing down your innermost thoughts start with lists – favorite yoga poses & why, most inspiring books you’ve read, people you appreciate etc These are often good start points to launch you in to a written journaling practice.

ignore the phone and do something else that doesn’t involve a screen….for just ten minutes

7 Journal – with art. Use collage, sketches & color to create an art journal. Decorate an existing notebook to use as your journal. Try combining your art journal with your written journal. If you are looking for a yoga themed journal see this how to project here on yogaskinny.

8 Vision Board. Use magazine images, photos, quotes, things you’ve collected to create a vision board. It can be a simple collage of images in your journal or you can expand to a small magnet board or spare wall.

9 Get with Nature. Gardening, caring for indoor plants or walking and observing your neighborhood (if currently possible)

10 and lastly Do Nothing. Resist the need to pick up your phone by sitting and actually being aware of the cup of morning coffee you are drinking. Daydream or simply enjoy quiet time with eyes gently closed for a dose of screen free self care. The screens will still be there later………

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