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Yoga teacher - yoga teaching timesheet
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A yoga teacher’s teaching schedule can be a hectic one, particularly if you teach at several locations. Logging hours & earnings and maintaining a timely invoicing system is critical for your teaching and business success.

Keep track of your time & money

I have taught in both part time and full time capacities and found that even with a couple of weekly classes it has been critical to keep up with my timekeeping and invoicing. I created this yoga teacher timesheet template to efficiently keep track of those critical teaching hours and earnings.

Using this dedicated timesheet is simple and manageable. It is an easy way to keep track of your monthly hours and earnings. Below is a detailed example of how to use the timesheet (please note, the locations, dates & numbers used here are for demonstration purposes only!)

Use a dedicated timesheet

Date & Notes: At the head of the timesheet is clear place to note down the date for quick filing and a space for noting down those scribbled reminders.

Yoga teacher timesheet completed example
Using your yoga teaching timesheet to track your hours and money

Location Key: Create your own personal location key for easy reference to the many locations and venues you teach at during the course of a month.

Location key for yoga class venues
Create your own unique key for your various yoga teaching locations

Log your teaching hours & student numbers

Hours teaching: Accurately track the hours you are actually spending teaching in class. Class durations vary at different locations and understanding how your time is being used helps give a clearer idea of your hourly rate.

Class style & type: Note the class styles you are teaching and whether they are regular classes or substituted.

Student numbers: Keep a detailed log of student head count for those yoga locations where payment is based on student attendance. This also gives you insight to understand how your regular classes are growing.

Log all of your hours taught, whether regular or substitute, and keep up to date on your student numbers
Keep track of yoga teaching hours and student numbers

Invoicing & cashflow: Summarise earnings per month for each location and create an easy to refer to record of monthly invoices and values. Similarly, you can use the timesheet to keep up to date with payments as they are received and your overall cashflow.

Track your teaching invoices and payments
Yoga teaching invoicing and payment

Monthly summaries: Completing your monthly timesheet summary will create a useful log of your teaching hours and earnings. Simplify your end of year taxes by totaling up your teaching earnings every month.

Keep track of your yoga teaching hours and monthly earnings
Keep a log of those all important yoga teaching hours and monthly income

This yoga teacher timesheet is available in two versions at my etsy store, yogaskinnystudio. One is specifically designed for part time yoga teachers teaching a couple of times a week. Another longer version is for full time yoga teachers with a bigger teaching schedule.

Both part time and full time timesheets are available in three styles and colors – pink, blue & yellow.

Stay organized and up to date with your teaching and invoicing

Keeping your monthly information in a central location on a timesheet is a practical way to ensure you stay organized & up to date with your teaching and invoicing.

Once you are in the habit you will free up valuable time and energy then who knows how much more yoga you could fit in to your schedule?

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