Yoga Wisdom – Inspiring Stories of Yoga Off Of The Mat

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Inspiration beyond the yoga mat

I love a yoga book and am always excited to explore the pages of a new one.  Like yoga teachers, all yoga books have something to offer the student and Yoga Wisdom, for me, is one of those with a great deal to offer.

Quite often yoga books focus primarily on the physical aspect of yoga. Nothing wrong with that at all but yoga has much more to offer. This book takes us beyond the mat to explore the bigger yoga picture.  

Yoga Wisdom describes the road she has travelled with yoga as her main traveling companion.

Yoga Wisdom documents the personal yoga journey of its author, Stephanie Spence.  Her book describes the road she has travelled, both physically and metaphorically, with yoga as her main traveling companion.

Weaved in to Stephanie’s memoir are the experiences and stories of a number of yogis & teachers.  She has interviewed a whole host of yogis who have embraced yoga as an integral part of their lives. This gives the reader an opportunity to dip in to the yoga journeys of others going beyond the physical practice on the mat.

Practicing yoga off of the mat and beyond the ‘workout’ can support us when dealing with life’s challenges.  

Their stories shared here describe how life can be messy and sometimes difficult. Taking our yoga practice off of the mat and beyond the ‘workout’ supports us when dealing with life challenges we encounter.  

The yoga journeys described are all unique with their own inspiring outcomes.  Each yogi interviewed has followed their own yoga path to overcome their personal challenges.

Copy of Yoga Wisdom with Mala and sage box on a yoga mat
Place a copy next to your mat or yoga altar to inspire your yoga & meditation practice

Yoga Wisdom is broken down into chapters that all have a specific theme and open with a phase of Stephanie’s life and story. This is followed by a section of other yogi’s personal stories and experiences.

The closing pages of each chapter, written by Stephanie, incorporate topics for self study, exploration and inspiration. I particularly liked chapter three’s ‘top 10 reasons to get to know your yoga teacher’. Chapter five offers great suggestions for supporting personal development.

Yoga provides us with the tools to help us embrace change

Yoga provides us with the tools to help us embrace change and do the inner work that moves us beyond habit, circumstances and self limiting beliefs.  This is one of those books that illustrates the magical transformation that can come from a yoga practice.

This is the perfect book to dip in to during quiet moments.  Place a copy next to your yoga altar as motivation for your yoga or meditation practice.  I for one will be adding Yoga Wisdom to my list of life inspiring favorites books.

Yoga Wisdom was recently awarded The Nautilus Award. This award recognizes books promoting spiritual growth, conscious living & positive social change.    

Go read a copy now because if that’s not a stamp of approval, then what is?

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