yogaskinny-dip January 2019

Swimmer taking a skinny-dip in an ocean of yoga news
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yogaskinny-dip is a monthly ‘skinny-dip’ in to the ocean of yoga related stuff going on in the yoga world.

Each month, yogaskinny-dip will feature a party bag full of bite size yoga goodies covering everything from interesting articles & book reviews to product launches & events.

Come on in and get the skinny!

1 – ArticleNew York Times – Beginner Yoga

A new year will bring with it lots of people committing to a resolution of trying yoga/coming back to yoga/commiting to yoga.  This New York Times article is a great beginner guide.  Not too flaky and vague but not too overwhelming and intense either.  The perfect balance. A good read for any one new to yoga and looking for clear information to set you on the path.

2 – AudiobookMay I Be Happy by Cyndi Lee

I read ‘May I Be Happy’ in paper format when it was first published and it makes for a great, down to earth read about yoga.  The author describes her journey of self acceptance and ultimately happiness.  If you’re not a sit down and read a book type then this is a great listen.  Now available – if you go the amazon audible route you can sign up for a month for free!

3 – MusicDeva Premal & Miten Tour 

I love Deva Premal & Miten’s music.  Most of my class playlists have one or two of their beautiful tracks.  I encourage you to do some research if you haven’t heard their music yet.  Good news for those of us in the US or Canada as Deva Premal & Miten will be on tour in May 2019.  Take a look at their tour schedule for dates and venues.

4 – PodcastJ Brown speaks to Annie Carpenter

If you haven’t listened to any of J Brown’s Yoga Talks yet then I can recommend a listen in.  He talks to some very interesting yoga people and in this particular podcast he speaks to Annie Carpenter of Smartflow Yoga.   Their discussion about 200hour teacher trainings is particularly interesting for anyone considering taking a training or for graduates of 200hour trainings and teacher trainers.

Goodie 5 – ProductYoga Mat Sale 

How about a little treat for your new year’s practice?  Manduka has a sale on a number of their yoga mats. As a Yogi who loves a bargain but who doesn’t love spending hard earned teaching earnings on expensive yoga products, there are some great deals here!

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